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You find right here, this proves the fresh new protoplasm within the cardio and you will lo oks including bullet circles, ya?

You find right here, this proves the fresh new protoplasm within the cardio and you will lo oks including bullet circles, ya?

I want to start by a discussion of your own leading edge browse off Herr Professor Doktor Tomas Landh, an excellent biophysicist and you can biography-content scientist. He’s got state-of-the-art another type of theory predicated on strong research you to problems significantly with most recent viewpoints to the mobile morph ology, particularly neuronal mind tissues. Most recent idea will be based upon a couple of-dimensional different types of narrow microtome areas of tissues viewed lower than optical or alert microscopy, and this says you to definitely “new cell’s membrane is a spherical double level away from oily lipi ds that have its liophobic ends directing inward, and liophyllic16 ends up leading outward which have proteins structures at the both facial skin otherwise squeezing through the membrane. Reveal the initial fall. Next fall. Doktor Landh isn’t arguing phone means, but way more the structural topology of their correct geometry. Just after examining 1000s of published fotos inside the histology books on previous thirty five ages, he or she is pretty sure the present day take a look at is actually i ncorrect.

What the guy did, isn’t explore indication electron microscopy (TEM), however, checking electron microscopy (SEM) that have extremely special dry-freeze ways to preserve real phone morphology without preparing items. Then he performed an analytical topological studies (MTA) to associate hypothesis that have observations, and discovered that structure, far from getting circular step 3-D little balls, ya?, were indeed very complex 3-D aggregates after the an exact topological legislation also known as Occasional Minimal Skin (PMS), perhaps not t o be mistaken for female PMS, ya? ( roaring laughter ) I’m able to miss out the facts, but Doktor Landh has postulated the real telephone morphology and you will mobile continuum isn’t an arbitrary round arrangement, however, a precise crystalline aggregate regarding cubic-shap ed tissues whoever walls show a six-bend symmetry! Outlines of one’s Egyptian Flower out of Existence balance, possibly, ya?17 Also, the newest cytoskeleton or healthy protein skeleton of your telephone grows inside the a beneficial spiral pattern, nearly the same as DNA/RNA geometry. I do want to feel the letter ext four slides, Dr. B. You notice the way the telephone expands out-of a-two-dimensional community so you can a cubic aggregate for individuals who pertain the principles out-of topology, ya? The thing is that also the repeated trend, for example a crystal, ya? That it cubic contour is likely dictated from the useful cellu lar standards, and find the real telephone decisions.

Richard Cytowic, has been evaluating an unusual sensation called synesthesia, an ailment where you to sense overlaps with several other, such as for example “sampling tones”, “smell colors”, “sampling conditions”, “effect feelings and thoughts into the stunning tones”, for example intimate orgasms (noisy laughter)

Ultimately, their past magical knowledge is actually one to, just like the a materials scientist – for instance the Amerikan Dr. William Tiller – he was extremely familiar with steel and you can metalloid microstructure. When he spotted the brand new high-direction SEM’s at the reasonable solution and you can high angle, the guy noti ced the latest pattern resembled just what material boffins label a beneficial photonic amazingly, a good lattice framework of atoms or molecules which is sensitive to electromagnetic radiation, or light, ya? Thus the guy realised, without a doubt! Which explains the work out-of Herr Doktor Popp Squamish hookup apps away from Switzerland (18) and his photon mobile studies. To phrase it differently, new tissue is morphologically created eg a great PMS build you to definitely maximises the surface per product volume to own absorption of your energy. It pursue, ergo, you to definitely muscle, especially neuronal intellectual tissues, is actually crystalline electromagnetic transducers – this means that, it answer light, ya?19 Which explains then merely exodermal (skin) tissues, however, strong endodermal cells, also (those in) brand new pineal gland, was responsive to light. Doktor Landh’s browse contradicts one to, and you will categorically shows exactly how structure are structurally and you can morphologicaly furnished so you’re able to act as light transducers, ya? That is the end of one’s look. ( position ovation and you will applause )

The modern vi ew maintains one to white photons do not apply to metabolism

Ms Dr. C: Dankershen. Thanks a lot, acknowledged acquaintances. You are aware, we could possibly you need to be a physiological black hole! ( way more laughs) Today, allow me to go into the next topic of my personal speak. If only towards lights, delight. Thank-you., Dr. B. This subject away from head research observar ges nearly into the paraphysics, the favourite material of our CCCP associates. ( cheers) A polish researcher, Dr. Records concern – how do we do this? ( a whole lot more humor)