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On occasion, their scars open during moments away from tall feelings particularly whenever Kaede Azusagawa educated their Adolescence Problem

On occasion, their scars open during moments away from tall feelings particularly whenever Kaede Azusagawa educated their Adolescence Problem

Really don’t brain basically just had someone. Even if the whole world hated myself, I am able to keep life if it person required me.

Sakuta Azusagawa (?? ??, Azusagawa Sakuta) is the chief men protagonist regarding Seishun Buta Yarou wa Rabbit Woman Senpai zero Yume wo Minai series.


  • step 1 Looks
  • 2 Identification
  • 3 Records
  • 4 Area
  • 5 Adolescence Problem
  • six Relationships
  • six.step one Mai Sakurajima
  • six.2 Kaede Azusagawa
  • 6.3 Shoko Makinohara


Sakuta is an early child from average top having brown hair, brownish vision and then he have three claw marks which go across their breasts, which can be due to Puberty Problem.

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His collection of university uniform contains a white dress top, which is secure upwards from the fundamental light-brown-colored blazer; on top he wears it unbuttoned, wear a purple tie and you will outside brownish sneakers including blue shorts.


Sakuta’s very renowned trait are his consistent deadpan deal with and you may styles away from address no matter what their psychological condition. He is as an alternative stoic, and can commonly voice whichever they have with the his brain which have a relaxed demeanor. Sakuta was an effective socially isolated and calm individual because of this from their experience which have Puberty Syndrome. As he says that he is maybe not troubled regarding what individuals remember him, or worry about looking to easily fit into and start to become recognized because of the his friends, the guy does recognize that gossip in the your are often a bit painful to know and this his apathy is inspired by an atmosphere one it’s useless to try and go against the fresh «atmosphere»-this new social acquisition regarding school, and tries to mask of it. Nevertheless, he states which he will not proper care in the event the whole world create hate him, for as long as someone will want him, and you can actually reluctant on the defying social norms.

Even after their anti-public attitude, they are a very kind person, who does let you know proper care and mercy of these the guy cares regarding the, specifically those who suffer off bullying or even the Adolescence Syndrome particularly his aunt and you will themselves. No matter if he cannot head if all the other people dislike him, as long as the guy only has one person to your their front.

Sakuta is even never apprehensive with the thought of having to show their significantly more lively and you can lecherous top, and certainly will have a tendency to generate dull and simple raunchy statements for the girls he interacts which have, particularly his wife Mai along with his female members of the family Rio and you can Tomoe. Although not, these types of statements are typically humor the guy sends on anyone else, consequently they are by no means ill-designed.

In general, Sakuta’s identification will likely be summarized to be incredibly selfless, form and you may useful, also really snarky. He is will dull, sincere and you will straightforward with Mai, and he enjoys and come up with raunchy jokes you to leave the woman flustered. In the course of time, both want to tease both, and they have very similar personalities: both are short-witted, having a beneficial sarcastic move, yet really form and you may helpful, with an immensely a beneficial center, and always create what exactly is correct.


When waking up one to early morning, (after his aunt Kaede acquired impulsive bodily wounds just after being bullied on the internet and lost this lady recollections) Sakuta’s chest was bleeding concise where he’d to help you end up being hospitalized. Sick of the situation, he would snuck aside and you can went along to Shichirigahama Seashore, in which he fulfilled and you will advised his tale in order to a female titled Shoko Makinohara. Through to asking the lady as to why she decided to trust their story, Shoko just responded one to she wanted to spend her lifetime being kinder than ever. Moved, Sakuta requested if he could real time such as for instance she performed, and therefore she approved. When he was launched about medical, Sakuta skilled Kaede a pen and you will notebook, saying that they might develop her identity during the hiragana, discussing the woman as the latest Kaede.