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Haku gets an initial chat to someone of category

Haku gets an initial chat to someone of category

The battle was won since the Haku revert to help you their person mode and new looks however, as the guy made use of most of the stamina off the latest Akuruka at price of his lifetime, to save what you the guy retains beloved.

There he meets which have Oshtor and Maroro

After the competition, since the Kuon, Rulutieh, Atuy, Nekone, Kiwru, Nosuri, Ougi, Jachdwalt, Shinonon additionally the other waited to have Oshtor; in order to find a passing Haku which have a good cut arm. Individuals were astonished that Haku utilized Oshtor’s label as the real Standard of your own Best was long-dead before going to Ennakamuy. Nekone still considers your due to the fact their sis despite he met his pledge to Oshtor; very he requires the lady to call home and acquire glee.

Anju however demand your off making the woman front side, she still takes into account him as Oshtor she knows. She recalls a memory from the girl prior worry about as a person which they made a hope. As he broke his promise to help you her, Anju named your a great liar given that she target your for just what he really is actually, the lady Sibling.

Haku finally foretells Kuon. Kuon says one to she wasn’t able to share the girl impact so you can him; Haku currently knew how she thought for your thus he thanks the girl, he suggests that he understood Kuon could accept their thoughts because of the advising the woman that most he previously a great deal fun ever before because they fulfilled and then he merely managed to make it that it far given that she is thre that have him. Haku smiles during the their as he converts so you can ashes.

A different sort of Legend Sung [ ]

«The lady I enjoy try needing me. Yeah, I’ll bring it on. The new old identity from Utawarerumono. The name regarding Hakuowlo». -Haku as he will get the fresh new Onkami Uitsualnemetia ahead of returning to cut Kuon.

Haku gets upwards for the a location the spot where the floor feels like water showing the new superstars. Good sounds tells your that he’s amongst the arena of the brand new life style as well as the afterlife. Haku understands him due to the fact boy the guy found on Interior Temple. New Onkami requires him in the event the is ok to own your to go away men and women the guy look after at the rear of because they are in trouble, Haku admits which he concerns to them but really they can perform absolutely nothing to assist when he try inactive.

Initially Haku believed that they might greet him towards afterlife even so they merely stay quiet because their phrase tells your to return towards the way of living. Oshtor seats him new Onkami Cover up an approach to return, at first Haku complains when he involved to obtain a good break after all the travel the guy generated since he came across his responsibility during the municipal combat and conquering Woshis.

Brand new Onkami warns Haku regarding the giving the brand new cover-up when he single parent matchprofiel zoeken will take all his title, electricity, and you will sins. Haku only takes into account it problems as he claims that the fresh Onkami should do an equivalent when the the guy was in fact in the place. Thus the guy calls Hakuowlo correct term while the Onkami, Uitsualnemetia, because of the calling their true variety of the newest Onkami looks prior to him. And therefore Haku requires the new cover-up as he accept to become new onkami.

Hakuowlo vanishes, happy with Haku’s address. Because Haku claims good-bye so you’re able to their relatives, one another Oshtor and you may Maroro smiles at the your, claim that this is the Haku they know. As Haku yields for the living, the guy hears Hakuowlo’s voice inquiring him to keep their child, Kuon.

Given that Hakuowlo entry his cover-up so you can Haku so he or she is having of these the guy cares for, the former jesus tells your to save their girl merely when he had been planning to come back to the brand new lifestyle. At that time Black Uitsualnemetia (now using Kuon as the his center because of her typing for the rampage and you can dropping power over the lady energies by the despair from Haku’s dying) try going rampage. Thus summoned hues off Kuon’s Family in order to kill group.